In Orange County there is a shortage of pet friendly rentals.  We believe that creating pet friendly rentals in Orange County can be accretive to your investment.


The Issue:

Pets can cause significant damage to a property.  Their damage can include hot spots on grass, odors in carpet and furniture, and claw marks on doors and walls.  Pets can also create difficulties for property managers when trying to address maintenance issues for tenants who are away from the home.  But, at the end of the day, we love our pets and will do anything for them.  Given all the potential headaches allowing pets at your rental can cause, does it make sense?

Before we get into ways to address the issue, let me introduce you to our dog.

Innocent Dog

Pet Friendly Home

He is a total mutt.  I am sure he looks sweet and innocent in the picture above, but would a sweet and innocent dog do this….

The Damage Is Done

At 4-months old, our pup did this! He opened an unopened gallon of paint and had some creative free time throughout our entire house.  This is just the tip of the iceberg of the damage he did.  Point being, if there is anyone on the planet who understands the damage a dog can do to your property, I am that person.


The Solution:

There are certain upgrades that you can make to your property that will limit the damage that a pet could do to your property.  One upgrade that we like to recommend is to replace carpet with laminate wood flooring.  As a property manager, we recommend making this upgrade as it will reduce/eliminate the turnover costs associated with replacing/cleaning carpet.  This upgrade will benefit the landlord whether or not the tenant has a dog or not.

Additionally, by charging the tenant a pet deposit a landlord can in a sense insure their property against any damage the pet my cause.

Through our experience leasing units throughout Orange County, we have found, that pet friendly rentals in Orange County demand a premium and that renters are happy to pay a pet deposit.

See the link below to for some additional ideas on how to make your home safe for your fur babies.

Making Your Home Safe For Pets

We offer pet friendly rentals in Costa Mesa, Orange, Tustin, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Laguna Hills, Aliso Viejo, Fountain Valley, Santa Ana, Newport Beach and the rest of Orange County,

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